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Unity™ Telephone
The ultimate convergence telephone with connectivity for both a cell phone and a land line. Merge your Land Line and Cell Phone...
Cell Phone Compatibility
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Bluetooth Connectivity
Full Featured Desk Telephone Set;
Separate Land Line and Cell Phone Line Keys;
Bluetooth and Cable Docking Options;
Manual "Bluetooth Off" Key;
Make Landline Calls from Cell Phone Directories;
Conference Cell Phone and Land Line Calls;
Centrex Compatible Land Line Dialing;
Cell Phone Directory Transfer In and Out;
Read and Write Text Messages;
Auto Call Forward Feature;
Access Call Lists and Redial Lists from Cell Phone;
Hot Dialing Feature for One-Touch Dialing;
Speed One-Touch Redial Key;
Large Graphical Backlit LCD Screen;
Speakerphone with Mute, Redial, and Hold;
Ringing, New call and Message LED;
Ringer, Speakerphone and Handset Volume Control;
Accessory Port for Dock-N-Talk, Push-To-Talk, and PC Connections;
One-Touch Cell Phone Voice Dialing and Call Last Number Redial;
*Some features require cell phone support.
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