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Enterprise™ Telephone
The ideal home or office desk phone enables cell phone calls to be made and received through the telephone using the handset or speakerphone...
Cell Phone Compatibility
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Bluetooth Connectivity
Full Featured Desk Telephone Set;
Cell Phone Directory Transfer In and Out;
Access Call Lists and Redial Lists from Cell Phone;
Hot Dialing Feature for Voice Mail and Call Lists;
Read and Write Text Messages;
Bluetooth and Cable Docking Options;
Manual "Bluetooth Off" Key;
Speed One-Touch Redial Key;
Large Graphical Backlit LCD Screen;
Speakerphone with Mute, Redial, and Hold;
Ringing, New call and Message LED;
Ringer, Speakerphone and Handset Volume Control;
Accessory Port for Dock-N-Talk, Push-To-Talk, and PC Connections;
One-Touch Cell Phone Voice Dialing and Call Last Number Redial;
*Some features require cell phone support.
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