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Cell Models with Cable Connections only no Bluetooth supported!! For Bluetooth supported phones click on the Bluetooth Compatibility Link above.


(Cable NM1)  
  3285, 5110, 5120, 5120i, 5125, 5160, 5160i, 5165, 5170, 5170i, 5180, 5180i, 5180ip, 5185i, 5190, 6110, 6120, 6120i, 6121i, 6150, 6160, 6160i, 6160m, 6161, 6161i, 6162, 6162i, 6162m, 6185, 6190, 6310, 6310i, 6360, 7110, 7160, 7190  

Pop Port Phones (Cable NP1)  
  3100, 3108, 3120, 6610, 6610i, 7250, 7250i  

PCS Phones (Cable MV3)  
  120c, 120e, 120t, 120x, 280, A388, A630, A660, A760, A780, A830, A840, A920, A925, A1000, C331t, C332c, C332t, C333c, C336, C341, C343c, C353c, C353t, C698p, E360c, E390, E398, E550, E680, E1000, T300p, T720, T720c, T720g, T720i, T721, T721i, T720ig, T722, T722i, T300p, T725, T725e, T730c, T730p, T731, T731c, U10, U15, V60, V60c, V60ci, V60g, V60i, V60ig, V60is, V60it, V60p, V60s, V60t, V60tc, V60x, V65p, V66, V66i, V66ig, V70, V80, V150, V260, V262, V265, V266, V276, V300, V303, V303p, V330, V350, V400, V400p, V500, V501, V505, V525, V540, V545, V547, V550, V551, V555, V557, V600, V620, V635, V650, V700, V710, V980, V1000, Enigma, ROKR E1   

PCS Phones (Cable MV8) (Call Waiting not supported on cell phone through cable)  
  E815, E816  

(Cable MV6)  
  A835, A840, A845, C975, V925, V975  

Nextel Phones Condor Series (Cable MI1)  
  i30sx, i35s, i50sx, i55sr, i58sr, i60c, i80s, i85s, i88s, i90c, i95ci  

Nextel Phones Falcon Series (Cable MI2, MI3)  
  i205, i215, i265, i275, i305, i315, i325, i325is, i355, i365, i415, i450, i530, i560, i570, i580, i605, i615, i670, i710, i730, i733, i736, i760, i830, i830e, i833, i833 Baby Phat, i833 Pininfarina, i835, i836, i850, i860, i870, i880, i885, i920, i930  

Startac, Timeport and Talkabout (Cable MS1)  
  ST3000, ST6000, ST6500, ST7000, ST7760, ST7762, ST7767, ST7790, ST7790 si, ST7790i, ST7797, ST7860W, ST7867W, ST7868W, ST7890, ST7897, ST8000, ST8600, V3620, V8160, V8162, P8060, P8067, P8090 , P8097, P8160, P8162, P8167, P8190, P8767, T8060, T8067, T8090, T8097, T8160, T8167, T8190, T8197, T8367, T9097  

(Cable EG2)
  A1228, F500i, J300a, J300c, J300i, K300a, K300c, K300i, K500c, K500i, K506c, K508c, K508i, K600, K600i, K700c, K700i, P800, P802, P900, P908, P910a, P910c, P910c, P910i, R270, R280d, R300d, R300Lx, R300z, R310s, R310sc, R320, R320s, R320sc, R380, R380e, R380s, R380sc, R380w, R520, R520m, R520mc, R600, S10a, S700, S700c, S700i, S710a, T39m, T60c, T60d, T60Lx, T61d, T61ds, T61Lx, T61z, T62u, T65, T68, T68i, T68ie, T68m, T200, T226, T226m, T230, T237, T237s, T290a, T290c, T290i, T300, T300c, T306, T310, T316, T600, T608, T610, T610 NZ, T616, T618, T628, T630, T637, V600i, W600a, V800, Z500a, Z710a, Z800, Z800i, Z1010, Vodafone 802SE  

(Cable SM1)  
  Blackberry, A55, A56, A56i, A57, A60, A62, A65, A70, A75, AX75, C55, C56, C60, C61, C62, C65, C66, C70, CF62t, CF65, CF75, CFX65, CL65, CT56, CT66, CV66, CX65, CX70, CX70 Emoty, CX75, EF51, EF81, EF91, M55, M65, M75, MC60, S55, S56, S65, S66, S68, S75, S80, S81, S88, SF60, SFG75, SK65, SL56, SL65, SL75, SP65, ST55, ST60, SX1, SXG-75, U10, U15  

Sanyo Series (Cable SY1) (Caller ID not supported by cell phone through cable)  
  200, 2300, 2400, 2500, 3100, 3200, 4500, 4900, 4920, 4930, 5400, 5500, 5600, 6600 Katana, Katana II, Katana DLX, 7000, 7050, 7200, 7300, 7400, 7500, 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400, 9000, M1, MVP  

(Cable SH2)  
  GX30, GX30i, TM150, TM200  

Ericsson (Cable ET2)  
  T10s, T10sl, T18d, T18di, T18ds, T18dsi, T18z, T20e, T20ec, T20s, T20sc, T28, T28s, T28sc, T28w, T28z, T29, T29s, T29sc  
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